I <3 Paul Krugman

Other than your basic market talk, economics tends to go over my head.  Odd then that I would devote an entry to a Nobel Prize winning economic.

Or not so much.  Because Paul Krugman is AWESOME.  Leaving aside just how clever he is, leaving aside his broad-minded approach to the market (one which seems to avoid the myopic devotion to the absolute authority of The Market, though as I said, I don’t really understand this stuff)…Paul Krugman is such a nerd.

I’m not Dr. Krugman’s best friend or anything.  The evidence is right there on his NY Times blog.  His post on Tobin’s Q Ratio (whatever that is) made me giggle, as any proper Trekkie (we can have a discussion about Trekkie vs. Trekker another time) would, but his true awesomeness can be seen in lolfed and his AFK message for the Nobel awards ceremonies.  Oh yes.  A Nobel prize winning economist uses lolz on his blog.

Besides indicating that he must spend some time regularly on icanhascheezburger and affiliated image macro blogs, it makes economics look so much cooler, and, most importantly to me, boy does it vindicate what I do.  Now I just have to try to get an interview with him for my thesis.

In other news, I want to give a shout out to Nicole Riley, who hearts nerds, as should we all.

Later: news on the interdisciplinary angst front.


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