What do I mean by “nerd studies”?  Simple: academic scholarship about nerd culture.  In my life offline (which is so frequently online), I write about Star Trek and race, lolcats, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Aristotle, viral videos, and the streak of blog, video, and mash-up responses to Senator Ted Stevens’ gaff heard ’round the world, “The Internet is a Series of Tubes.”  This blog chronicles the exploration of these topics: my reactions to them as both a fan/participant and a scholar, the pitfalls of writing about popular culture, the revelatory moments that occur when watching BSG or viewing the latest FAIL entry, the insights of friends who seem somewhat astonished that I can do this as an academic endeavor.  Mostly, I want to document all those asides that could never go in the actual papers and have a record of my process/journey.


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