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I <3 Paul Krugman

December 12, 2008

Other than your basic market talk, economics tends to go over my head.  Odd then that I would devote an entry to a Nobel Prize winning economic.

Or not so much.  Because Paul Krugman is AWESOME.  Leaving aside just how clever he is, leaving aside his broad-minded approach to the market (one which seems to avoid the myopic devotion to the absolute authority of The Market, though as I said, I don’t really understand this stuff)…Paul Krugman is such a nerd.

I’m not Dr. Krugman’s best friend or anything.  The evidence is right there on his NY Times blog.  His post on Tobin’s Q Ratio (whatever that is) made me giggle, as any proper Trekkie (we can have a discussion about Trekkie vs. Trekker another time) would, but his true awesomeness can be seen in lolfed and his AFK message for the Nobel awards ceremonies.  Oh yes.  A Nobel prize winning economist uses lolz on his blog.

Besides indicating that he must spend some time regularly on icanhascheezburger and affiliated image macro blogs, it makes economics look so much cooler, and, most importantly to me, boy does it vindicate what I do.  Now I just have to try to get an interview with him for my thesis.

In other news, I want to give a shout out to Nicole Riley, who hearts nerds, as should we all.

Later: news on the interdisciplinary angst front.


Do you get a thrill when you find a ret-con?

November 30, 2008

I do.  Man I love it when the writers miss something or revise something.  Or at least when I notice.  Then I get all self-righteous and say, “I would have known that.  No ret-cons for me.”  And of course, I’m angry too.  Why couldn’t the writers and producers have the same wellspring of Trek/Star Wars/Buffy/Sports Night/… knowledge that I have?  The first time I saw Jadzia Dax (DS9 for those not in the know), my head almost exploded.  Whaaa?  But the Trill on TNG didn’t have spots!  It’s the thrill of having superior knowledge.

Imagine what that feels like when one of the authors you’re reading commits such a blunder.

In researching a paper on B’Elanna Torres as a tragic mulatta, I kept coming across media scholars who got Trek plot details wrong.  Key details.  The errors were like fingernails on a chalkboard.  They also provided excellent fodder, both for my writing and for my nerdy superiority complex.

In discussing hybrid characters in Star Trek, Denise Alessandria Hurd wrote that Simon Tarses “is arrested for his willful deceit.”  I blanched.  I thought for a moment.  I was pretty certain Tarses was never arrested (see TNG “The Drumhead”).  I doubted myself.  After all, this was a scholarly publication, and it would not get a basic fact like this wrong.  I checked Memory Alpha which, of course, confirmed my suspicion.  And there I sat, in all my glory, gloating over an author who probably would never know who I am.  This happened repeatedly in the course of this research.

I complained about this in a meeting with my professor, and she told me that many media scholars only look at a sample of a series or episode and only do that once or twice, and my comprehensive knowledge of so many shows would serve me well as a media scholar.  Oh the joy of righteous indignation vindicated!

One day I will have to post some of my notes from this research.  They are delightfully expletive-filled.  And the mockery!  This project has trained me in text-based mockery.

Oh the pangs of being a fan….